Mala Necklace Lava Rock Agate

Mala Necklace Lava Rock Agate


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Lava Rock & Agate: Lava is the physical embodiment of fire. It started as molten lava and formed into rock. It is an incredible powerful stone for anyone born under a fire sign in their astrology, or for anyone who needs more fire in their lives. Chakra: Root - Zodiac: Libra. Agate is a stone of inspiration and grace. It calms the emotions and it is believed to help with restlessness, insomnia and migraines. It neutralizes dysfunctional energies. Chakras: Crow, Throat – Zodiac: Libra, Aries.

A mala necklace is a string of beads that are used in meditation practice as a tool to help count mantras and are made of many materials with a main focus on the Guru Bead and tassel; it can be simple to elaborate in design and has become a widely used piece of fashion. The 100 beads represent the number of times a mantra is repeated during your meditation. The eight specialty beads are for sending you mantra out into the world at large. The Guru Bead  is said to symbolize the relationship between teacher and student; and the tassel signifies that as the strings come together so does our connection to the divine and to each other.


For those searching, and ready to start the journey towards healing the mind, body & soul.
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