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These packages can be made to order. Please email us to order yours.

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Handmade with love each package includes:
Small Package:
Aromatherapy bath bombs, Two Aromatherapy soap bars, Sage Stick with Crystal, Small Self-Love spell jar, Blooming tea, Epson Salts & Two Small Crystals.
Medium Package:
Aromatherapy bath bombs, Two Aromatherapy soup bars, Sage stick with crystal, large spell jar, blooming tea, Epson salt shake, two medium crystals, Positive Healing stickers.
Large Package:
Aromatherapy bath bombs, two aromatherapy soap bars, sage stick with crystal, Large self-love spell jar, blooming tea, Epson salt shake, two large crystals, soy based aromatherapy candle, positive healing stickers.

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Large, Medium, Small

Aromatherapy Bath Bombs
All natural aromatherapy bath bombs infused with Tea Tree Oil and Lavender to help calm the nervous system, relieve stress and anxiety, pain and inflammation, and heals the skin.
Aromatherapy Soap Bars
Aromatherapy Soap bars are infused with Lemon and Rosemary with the scent that leaves you smiling, while benefiting the skin by washing away negativity and bacteria.
Aromatherapy Epson Salts
Epson Salt aromatherapy bath shake benefits the nervous system, aids in healing the skin, eases muscle strains, draws toxins out of the body, improves the immune system and alleviates stress - all with the healing power of tea tree & lavender.
Blooming Tea Package
Each blooming tea package contains a mix of loose- leaf green, white and black teas with premium blossoms. They offer a visual spectacle and each flower tea can be re-steeped up to 3 times. You package will be a surprise flavour!
Elysian Alchemy Crystals
Our care packages include 2 medium sized surprise crystals from Elysian Alchemy.
Soy Based Candles
The soy based Candles are infused with lavender essential oil, fresh lavender & rose petals. Topped off with Sea Shells, rose quarts, amethyst and more rose petals, burning this candle will surround you with the power of love and healing!
Spell Jars
Spell Jars are a simple and joyful magical practice designed to help get you in touch with your inner magical powers. Theses lovingly prepared spell jars are sealed with a magical self-love. You can carry the jar with you as an amulet, keep it on your alter, or place it somewhere you will see often. Do with it, whatever may feel right to you. You may also like to meditate while holding the jar to enjoy and soak up all its power benefits. 

Each Spell Jar Contains:
Sea salt - for purification, cleansing and releasing negativity.
Himalayan salt - for cleansing, charging, and purification. 
Rose petals - for self love, honoring your inner goddess, calms against evil eye, promotes confidence, independence, healing, sexuality, peace and happiness.
Lavender - for cleansing, happiness, healing, love, prices of mind, tranquility, spirituality and sleep. 
Amethyst for cleansing healing and protecting your aura. It boosts cell regeneration, activates the divine energy, eases tension, headache & promotes calmness & clarity. 
Rose quarts - for increasing self-worth, expanding heart energy, helps alleviate grief, increased self-esteem, helps with forgiveness and foster love between partners. 
Rosemary - for immune boosting and detoxification.
Sage Sticks
Sage stick with rose petals and Crystal is set with intention, these sage sticks are made with unconditional love and the power of healing. Used to purify ones self, home or objects, sage releases negativity, cleanses the soul and is a mood booster, while the rose petals promote love, confidence, healing, protection, peace and happiness. And the crystal on top- Selenite, is all about purification, clearing and positive energy! It is the perfect crystal for healing by removing unwanted energy and replacing it with light and positive vibes allowing you to alleviate your energy and rise your vibration, and shield you from negative forces.
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