At positive healing we are a team of certified professionals ready to help you on your healing journey.


Owner & Sole Proprietor

Hailing from Ontario with heavy Newfie roots, Kayla is a passionate healer who specializes in deep tissue massage and combines a wide variety of alternative treatments including fire cupping, aromatherapy, and reflexology, to name a few, into all her treatments. As an empath, she has always been drawn to healing those around her and it has been a dream for many years to open an inclusive, alternative centre for others to explore ancient healing modalities. Enter Positive Healing; while it has been a journey to get here she is proud to bring affordable crystals and healing to the Valley and has brought together a great team to guide you on your journey; healing mind, body and soul. 


Breathwork Facilitator

As a Starchild I move through this human experience using the language of Energy. I live for the magic of holding space to witness powerful transformation. I seek to give others the permission to shed, evolve and ignite their own version of embodiment. Recognizing the difference between knowing and feeling, I like to dig deep and feel even deeper, so we can reach a point of innerstanding. Breathwork, the Akasha, Reiki and Crystals are all tools I use to navigate this realm, explore the deepest parts of the Self and experience liberation.


Reiki Practitioner

Krista is reiki practitioner, a free soul and a lover of all things healing. She moved to Canmore 2 years ago to follow her love of the outdoors  and play in the mountains. Originally studying social work, she finished her program and began wanting to experience more. She flew to Thailand and developed a love for yoga and all things energy and metaphysical. This is where her shift from the love of helping people in a clinical setting transitioned into healing people in a spiritual setting. She discovered reiki, found her master and achieved her level one and two in 2018 before heading off to the mountains. Krista is interested in past life regression, Ayurvedic medicine and human design, she plans to continue her studies in holistic healing so she can learn all this Life has to offer.


Yoga Teacher

I teach yoga because inspiring others back home to their bodies is what lights me up the most and this has  allowed me to live a fuller life than I had ever imagined. Sharing this with others has led me to investigate my own health from a holistic perspective. My curiosity of the integrative benefits of yoga eventually led me to a career in alternative medicine and Acupuncture. I have a deeply rooted connection to the natural world and believe that by aligning ourselves with the organic rhythms of the earth and of our environment we re-awaken an innate inner wisdom to be well, that which lies deep within us all. I teach Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga with over 500 hours in training. In my classes we move from the heart, with an emphasis on breath and alignment and work to create space and awareness of our holdings to stress in the body in a sometimes challenging, but always playful practice. I encourage students to explore their own boundaries safely.


Healer, Medium & Spiritual Mentor

I’m Tristyn, an intuitive medium, healer and spiritual mentor; my goal is to cultivate a safe, sacred space to help our community explore their spirituality, healing and self-awareness. I aim to empower my students to become their own guru. All walks of life are welcome, whether you’re new to spirituality or a well-seasoned vet. I grew up in a small town and I’m a very curious person and love learning. I’m also an adrenaline junky and love sports like dirtbiking, snowboarding and cliff jumping. Art is how I express my soul; I write, sing, paint & dance. My spiritual path started at a very young age; I was astral travelling, communicating with animals, connecting to passed loved ones and other psychic things. It scared me a bit, so I hid it, only recently accepting and opening up publicly about my gifts. Last year I began walking the talk and embracing my gifts, and this year I finally felt ready to turn it into a business and have now helped hundreds of people help and change lives.



Practicing mindfulness and meditation has shaped my ongoing journey with spirituality, gradually changing the way I react to and interact with others, to be much more empathetic (and therefore productive) than my communication used to be. I live happier and grow through my practice of focused reflection, acknowledgement of my emotions and whatever may be happening around me, and then letting go of what does not serve me or contribute to my highest good. I want to share and spread this light – if more people practiced self-awareness, focused reflection and meditation, I truly believe the world would be a better place. It all starts with OURSELVES.


Yoga Teacher

My yoga journey began at the age of 17; I grew up feeling somewhat disconnected from my body and emotions and I struggled to find balance in my life until I my first yoga class. From there I became a forever student, taking care of my mental and physical well-being, attending regular classes, practicing the movements and philosophy of yoga; it brought me out of the darkest places mentally and physically. My body started performing at a higher level. During high school I had fractured my back, my biggest struggle at that point in my life. Upon graduating I enrolled in yoga teacher training and learned how to heal my injury and the emotional trauma left in my body. Teaching and practicing is held very close to my heart because of how much the practice helped me reclaim my femininity, and become the alchemist of my own destiny and life. Becoming a coach, trainer and yoga teacher was the best decision of my life and I’ve made it my life's work.


Breathwork Facilitator

I’m a free spirt Aussie adventure seeker and nature lover with a vision of raising the vibration of our planet one breath at a time. I am devoted to sharing how to fully harness the power of the breath and awakening to endless possibilities.  Breath work has allowed me overcome many life challenges and release deep lingering emotions, conditioning, and traumas that where holding me back from reaching my highest potential and enabled me to manifest and call in my dreams.  I love holding space for everyone no matter what their journey may be. Helping the divine feminine and masculine embody their highest potential. I believe every Breath-work session is a journey to discovering who you truly are.


Yoga Teacher

Jen discovered yoga while working as a massage therapist, it was an amazing self care practice that allowed her to reconnect with herself and prevent burn out. Jen decided to take a yin and restorative training for massage continued education and before Jen knew it she was inspired to help people with their journey of reconnecting with their bodies and found herself signing up for her full 200 RYT.  Jen is a very grounding and calming demeanor that shines through in her style of yin and restorative yoga teaching. For her, yoga is about connecting back to yourself through stillness and breathe. Expect a gentle and relaxing practice, enjoy just being.


Reiki Practitioner

I am a reiki master and heart math coach and mentor along with being and esthetics business owner. I believe our healing journey never ends and that the modalities and teachers appear when we need them.  This is how I started my healing journey over 12 years ago coming out of a very abusive relationship and my world shattered, reiki appeared. Now all these years later I teach reiki and show you how to share this modality specifically with your horses and dogs.  I have developed my own special clinics and love to share reiki love. I am also a heart math coach and mentor and lead one on one coaching and group sessions. Heart Math teaches you science proved techniques to access the intuitive intelligence of your heart to create a coherent state of being. That state is flow, ease, love and creation. I am thrilled to be offering reiki and heart math clinics out of Positive Healing. When I am not doing this stuff I am playing in nature and with my horses, and laughing with friends.


Empath & Healer

My name is Trish my special name is Jade. I’m an empath, intuitive, knower, feeler, transmuter (holding space), and I love to empower people but really hearing them. I have lived collectively in Canmore for the past 16+ years and this is my home and the most healing place I have lived. I’m excited to be the karma assistant with positive healing and to all the team members to assist in anyway. I have many diverse interests and have explored many diverse modalities. Some of these include: reiki, crystals, smudging, clearing, taro, wicker, numerology, astrology, breathing, sacred geometry, reflexology, acupuncture, and of course the list can go on.......... I am thirsty for knowledge and I also want to lead by example with love, respect and kindness. I want to empower people to let go of who they should be and embrace who they are already are buried deep within.


Empath & Healer

My name is Lesley and I have always had a highly unusual relationship with the supernatural. From a young age I began receiving psychic messages in dreams, predictions of future events, and encounters with spirits; however, it wasn't until I went through a drastic psychic awakening at the age of 19 that I really started to focus on my gifts. My awakening left me with one foot in the physical world and the other in the metaphysical. I was afraid and uncertain of my ability to manage the portal I had just ripped open, however, without much of a choice, I embarked on the path of self-healing and inner understanding. Since then, I have dedicated many years to understanding the agorithmic laws of the universe through astrology, numerology, human design work, tarot, and the akashic records; and relating it back to the human psyche, body and soul. I am ecstatic to open this new chapter with Positive Healing, and help every individual to better understand their Divine purpose, heal inner wounds and align with their highest potential.
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