Aqualead is an energy therapy focused on healing water in both living beings and in the environment

Benefits Of Aqualead Therapy


Our Aqualead Services

During a Aqualead session, Kayla will place her hands on and around the body, allowing the Aqualead energy to wash over you. This can be a powerful release and patients may experience, fatigue, drowsiness, thirst, emotional releases, or even flu like symptoms during or after a session. These symptoms are normal and will pass; it is as a positive sign that the energy work was successful, and the mind and body need time to adjust to the energy and work towards releasing the negative toxins within and around you. Be patient, as it is all part of the healing journey.   

Ailments Treated


History Of Aqualead

Aqualead is a new powerful healing modality that originated in Argentina through the angel Ariel. This energy focuses on the healing properties of water within all living beings and the environment. Extinguishing toxins and negative energy with the intent to heal Mother Earth and all of mankind. This energy is focused on the water channels within and around the body, tuning into the elemental force that has a strong cleansing effect. 

Heal Yourself With Aqualead Therapy

Reap the benefits of aqualead therapy to heal your mind and body.
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