Purify your body by removing negative energy.

Benefits Of Crystal Therapy

the Body
Pain Reduction
Immune System

Our Crystal Therapy Services

Crystal therapy enhances intuition and personal awareness. Crystal healing may seem super trendy right now, but this is no passing trend. Everything around us is energy, and crystals are a powerful tool to connect to the varying energies within and without our bodies, to better understand them, and heal from them; they are the earth's natural element for healing. Crystals and gems come from the earth's crust and their healing properties have been utilized throughout history for healing rituals and spiritual practices, across cultures and continents, from Russia to Greece to Canada and beyond.

Ailments Treated

Negative Energy

History Of Crystal Therapy

The history of crystals is vast and can feel overwhelming with so many crystals out there, but each crystal and/or gem carries a specific frequency and energy that offers different healing properties that promotes different effects in the body. For example: Selenite promotes self-healing and is cleansing while recharging the cells as it boosts psychic power, encourages peace and ridding negativity. Rose quartz promotes self-love and appreciation, healing the heart chakra, fostering inner peace and unconditional love for all. Opening your heart and mind to the healing power of crystals is a beautiful way to keep the mind, body and spirit cleansed and positive. Similar to massage, crystal healing is a therapeutic practice intended for relaxing, restoring and renewing yourself, however on a deeper much more energized way with the intention to reset the energy channels to open and repair the soul. During a treatment, Kayla works to balance the bodies energy by placing corresponding crystals along the body's seven chakra, allowing energy to flow freely, releasing negativity and overall balancing your internal vibrations. 

Heal Yourself With Crystal Therapy

Reap the benefits of crystal therapy to heal your mind, body and soul.
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