Release through the power of movement.

Benefits Of Dance Therapy

Stress Relief
Self Esteem
Motor Skills

Our Dance Therapy Services

Dance movement is a therapeutic form of exercise that consists of 60 minutes of uninterrupted movement for physical, mental and emotional release. Music is a powerful tool, it can affect our moods, trigger memories, and alter our inner vibrations. When dance and movements are set to music it can create a stress relieving, joyful and healing experience; as well as increasing and releasing endorphins in the brain. This practice is not only incredibly fun but it  also has the power to inspire and empower our creative sides. Dancing allows us to release our emotions, tensions and negative energy in new ways.

Ailments Treated

Post Surgery

History Of Dance Therapy

Dance therapy nights happen bi weekly or once a month depending on the time of year. Our goal is to bring the community together, with the opportunity for local musicians and DJs to showcase their talents and help facilitate groovy tunes. All participants have a chance to truly let go and dance from the heart.

Heal Yourself With DanceTherapy

Reap the benefits of dance therapy to heal your mind, body and soul.
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