The Magnetic Affect - Ionic Detox

Benefits Of An Ion Foot Bath

Improve Skin
Boost Immune

Our Foot Detox Program

This incredibly effective process charges the water with ions that attract toxic cells, pulling them from the body like a magnet on the feet and into the water. Every day we interact and consume numerous amounts of toxins, chemicals and pesticides found in food, water, beauty products and even the environmental waste of air pollution. This process helps balance and remove these negative toxins from the body.  

Ailments Treated

Joints & Stiffness

History Of Foot Detox

Detoxification foot baths are based off of the research from the 1920s and 30s by Royal Rife, an inventor who developed the first “concept” of aqua detox, said to “devitalize disease organisms” by vibrating them at a certain frequency. Detoxification foot baths consist of only two components: a simple container to place your feet in and the electric cylinder. Inside the cylinder there are two metal electric rods and between them the electrical current creates a bio chemical reaction promoting the toxins to release from the body.

Heal Yourself With A Foot Detox

Reap the benefits of foot detox to heal your mind and body.
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