Reflexology is a type of massage that focuses on the hands, feat and ears.

Benefits Of Reflexology Therapy

Stress Relief

Our Reflexology Services

Dedicate 60 or 90 minutes to your overall health and well-being during a treatment as we work together xxxxxxx add correct description

Ailments Treated

Plantar Fasciitis
Digestive Problems

What Is Reflexology?

The earth heals us through the feet and we heal others through the hands. Reflexology works with the reflex areas in the hands and feet, corresponding to the glands, organs and other parts of the body by helping to increase blood flow, unblock nerve impulses and enhance the body's healing system.

Reflexology is a ancient Chinese practice working with pressure points on the hands and feet (also ears), to allow built up qi (chi) to flow freely. In the 1890's western scientists began to understand the connection to meridian bands, once they found that nerve lines (bands) connect the skin and internal organs. When applying pressure in different points within the hands and feet the central nervous system is activated to promote relaxation and calm to the corresponding part within the body.

Kayla is a strong believer that our roots have the power to control the overall well-being of the whole body; in a sense we each have the obligation to put our best foot forward. Most people neglect or forget the importance of our hands and feet, but they carry the weight of our whole body. Negative energy can migrate down to the roots and build up leading to pain; releasing that negative energy and tension within our roots can spark an abundance of creativity, while allowing your whole body to flow freely.

Heal Yourself With Reflexology Therapy

Reap the benefits of reflexology therapy to heal your mind and body.
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