Experience the power of healing.

Benefits Of Reiki

Balance Chakras
No Side Effects
Stimulate Energy

Our Reiki Healing

During a Reiki session the atmosphere and intention is set with love, and Kayla will place hands on or around the body allowing Reiki to flow freely. 
Allow the wave of relaxation to wash over you, honoring the sensations, emotions or visions that may occur. Releasing all negativity and allow the energy to heal from within.  

Ailments Treated

Weakness & Nausea

History Of Reiki

Reiki is ancient Indian science that was rediscovered by Japanese Buddhist Priest Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922. His teachings explored the healing technique that liberates the vital life force of energy within the body. After under going a life time of learning and seeking guidance, he went to Mount Kurama, where for 21 days, he fasted and meditated, asking the universe for answers. There his prayers were finally answered and the Sanskrit Reiki symbols came to life. Throughout his life he taught several Reiki masters to carry on his teachings, eventually leading to Ms. Takata who was a Japanese American that sought healing from Dr. Hayashi, one of Dr. Mikao Usui's master students. She was to become a Reiki master herself, leading to the spread of Reiki healing into the western world around 1933 when she returned to America. 

Since then Reiki has been scientifically understood. As scientists began to be able to quantify the energy fields within and around the body, known as Chakras. Your mind, body and soul are a self healing mechanism that practitioners, like Kayla, can tune into and redistribute the positive energy increasing the parasympathetic nervous system response. To deeply relax, heal and restore multiple layers of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tension within our energy fields.

Heal Yourself With Reiki

Reap the benefits of reiki energy healing for your mind and body.
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