Heal through the power of music.

Benefits Of Sound Healing

Regulate Emotions

Our Sound Healing Services

Kayla is equipped with the most beautiful assortment of instruments and offers regular sound healing ceremonies in different events throughout the month, here at Positive Healing and in shops around the area, like Elysian Alchemy in SE Calgary. She also offers one on one or group sound baths in studio, for you and up to four friends to surrender to the surreal experience of healing through the power of sound. 

Ailments Treated


History Of Sound Therapy

Sound has always served as a form of expression and a lot of us use sound as therapy every single day; whether it be relaxing after a hectic day, singing on your commute, grooving to your favorite song or dancing with loved ones at a gathering. Sound has always been a way to soothe the soul. There's no mystery behind why people say they can feel the music in every fiber of their being, for just like us, music carries a force of energy, a frequency, and tapping into that frequency can not only sink into your personal energy field but it can start to alter, rewire and calm the nervous system. Noises create shifts/vibrations within our brain waves through the environment, meaning that outside sound (music) at the right frequencies can align with our brainwaves and cause a positive physiological reaction. This allows the release of nitric oxide, the molecule within the body responsible for expanding blood vessels, increasing blood flow, influencing pain signals, and sets off the bliss molecule, Anandamide. All this means music and sound have the power to heal us from the outside in, balancing our frequency levels and bringing us back to a blissful state of consciousness. 

Heal Yourself With Sound

Reap the benefits of sound healing for your mind, body and soul.
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