Enjoy a two hour treatment that includes fire cupping, reflexology face massage, foot detox and one of six aromatherapy facials.

Treat Yourself....and Discover the GODDESS you were Meant to BE

This ultimate treatment takes all of Positive Healing's most popular therapy's
and combines them with a beautiful facial to give you the perfect release of stress and toxins and tops up your 
inner Goddess with light, relaxation, and beauty.  

Fire Cupping Detox Massage

Combining our deep tissue massage with the special effects from fire cupping will leave your body and mind refreshed and relaxed to take on your busy schedule with a new lease on life.

Reflexology Face Massage

This facial massage is a gem! Combined with reflexology this treatment will hit all your stress pressure points and melt them away; clearing your mind anew.

Foot Detox

Topping off the release of stress and toxins from your massage and reflexology, our ion foot detox will draw all those toxins out of the body making you feel light and tingling all over.

Choose From One Of Six Aromatherapy Facials

Facial Title
Facial Title
Facial Title
Facial Title
Facial Title
Facial Title

Heal Yourself With Our Divine Package

Treat yourself to whole body therapy to heal your mind and body.
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